Our History


New Castle Christian is an interdenominational Christian School for children in grades K-8.
The academy is a unique Christian school in that it is not sponsored by any one church or denomination, but rather is sponsored by the Greater New Castle Ministerial Fellowship (GNCMF).
New Castle Christian Academy is the result of the GNCMF response to a public outcry.  Due to a teacher’s strike in the public school system, parents were asking for an educational environment where academic excellence would be maintained in an atmosphere of Christian atmosphere of Christian values and love.
On October 10, 1990, the GNCMF responded to this plea with a program that the media named, “The Alternative Education Program.”  This program was conducted daily at the McGill Presbyterian Community Center from 9am to Noon. It was funded in part by a grant from the Caroline Knox Foundation.
Rev. Dennis Davenport, president of the GNCMF and minister of First Presbyterian Church, and Dr. Henrik Bossers, minister of the Third Presbyterian Church , were responsible for finding and assigning a staff of volunteers to begin the program. An average of 25 volunteers was in the building on a daily basis with 50 others serving “as needed.”
Rev. John Sloat, minister of Northminster Presbyterian Church and member of the McGill Center Board, worked with Mrs. Amy DeCesare, hired as the program administrator, to ensure the program ran smoothly. The enrollment for the program was cut off at 200.  There was a waiting list of 56. The average daily attendance at the program was 176. After 37 days, the Alternative Program ended. Parents and children had been so impressed with the atmosphere and learning in the GNCMF, they approached the GNCMF and asked if it could be continued as a fully accredited school.
A task force was appointed in January 1991 to determine the need and feasibility of such a school being established. The task force consisted of 5 ministers and 4 community members. The members were:  Rev. Dennis Davenport, Rev. John Sloat, Dr. Jay Cook, Rev. William Schafer, Rev. Paul Votaw, Mrs. Emma Sue Davenport, Mrs. Amy DeCesare, Mrs. Julie Jones, Mrs. Beverly Poulton, and Mrs. Bernadette Schaffner.
After much prayer, research, and work, it was decided that in March 1991 that there was a need and support for a Christian School. The task force spent several hours interviewing and selecting a staff, arranging finances, setting tuition, securing a location, contacting the media, having open meetings, securing furnishings and supplies, and readying the building for classes.
On September 3, 1991, a dedication service was held for New Castle Christian Academy. The school was opened with 62 students and enjoyed consistent growth since its inception. A Parent Teacher Student Fellowship functions in cooperation with the Faculty and Administrator.