Cami Schaubroeck

I have taught kindergarten here at NCCA since 1996.  Prior to teaching at the Christian Academy, I taught first grade in Atlanta for four years, then subbed here in Lawrence County for two years.

Although I enjoyed teaching in the public setting in Atlanta, I found myself longing to share the passion I had for Christ with my students. I didn’t know it at the time, but God was calling me to the ministry He had already planned for me. Teaching at NCCA has allowed me to share my belief that all students can excel. It has allowed me to minister to students and their families, walking along with them in the Christian journey.

I would describe my style of teaching as one that is both firm and loving. I strongly believe in structure, but I freely adore fun! It is my complete joy and pleasure to teach children about their Creator, and watch them blossom and learn all about His creation. In my opinion, I have the greatest job on Earth!

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