Peg Mesko

I suppose anyone who knows me would state that I am a driven person. In coming to NCCA, it was not me doing the driving, but God. Even though teaching for 25 years was extremely rewarding, I never planned on returning to teaching full time. Obviously, my plans and God’s plans for me were not the same. However, I am really glad to be teaching here. Seventh and eighth graders are very special people who need a mixture of understanding and expectations.

For 20 years, I taught Learning Support classes and co-taught reading, English, math, science, and social studies at Highland Middle School. I am certified in Elementary Education, Special Education and Middle Level Mathematics. I loved teaching, but was of retirement age and wanted to be able to spend more time with my family; thus I retired for a year. When I received a call stating that NCCA needed a certified math teacher who was able to teach science, and Bible studies; it took me a few hours to realize that my path was changing. After being here only one week, I am glad that I was guided in this direction.

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