NCCA is more than just a school, it's a family. We all cared and supported each other through everything. The teachers really loved each and everyone of us, no matter our circumstance. We all share great memories of our days at NCCA.

Abby S.

( 2015 Graduate )

NCCA is a fabulous school. Our chapels allowed us to get more in depth about God and we were able to talk about more mature aspects of the Bible and have discussions about it. I loved our trips to Virginia, Niagra Falls, and Harrisburg. The education was amazing, the academics were high above the rest. Overall NCCA made me feel like i was apart of a second family and I enjoyed my experience.

Grace G.

( 2015 Graduate )

I love NCCA, it was like family. NCCA was a great place for fun and learning. I loved the hot lunches, "snack day", and special event lunches for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. I loved my teachers, they were fun but strict. I am glad NCCA started Spanish in kindergarten, this really helped me in my new school. I also loved having chapel on Wednesday!

Olivia G.

( 2016 Graduate )

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